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Trouble with Interpersonal Relationships

At the Institute the directors have noticed there is a pecking order. The subjects sometimes have trouble with their interpersonal relationships. Velvet is at the top of the pecking order and often instigates fusses with all the subjects of the Institute, even with her play buddy Socks. Zippy is next in the pecking order in that she often chases Rebecca and Citikitty, but she never gets into a real cat fight any subjects.

Fuss 1
Trouble brewing in the hallway as Velvet paws at Socks.

Poor Citikitty, the youngest at the Institute and the lowest on the pecking order, has mapped out hidey holes where she can get away from bully Velvet and irritant Zippy.

Citikitty hiding from her nemesis, Velvet.






The directors at the Institute have noticed that the study subjects have formidable  built-in weapons, some more impressive than others. Here Zippy displays her lovely claws which she uses to knead her favorite blankie. She has never clawed either the Director of Input nor the Director of Output in our passions of petting. We can’t say the same about lap kitty Velvet who will not allow us to touch her belly or her paws.

Zippy's Sharpies
Zippy uses her impressive sharpies only for kneading her blankie.

Here’s the tattoo Velvet administered when the Director of Input absent-mindedly touched the sacred belly.

Velvet’s response to an accidental belly touch. Looks bad but was superficial.