The Kitty Cat Entertainment Center

Big Fishy is a strikingly beautiful goldfish who has been entertaining the study subjects at the Institute for Kitty Cat Research since 2008 when the Institute directors brought him home to save his life.  A relative had bought a bevy of tiny feeder fish at two-for-a-quarter to swim in centerpiece vases at her wedding reception tables.

We took pity on the five in the vase at our table and brought all five home to a round goldfish bowl. Only two survived the stress that day and eventually a fourth died. Our little half-inch survivor grew to 9 inches and is still growing as we buy larger tanks for him. This October, when we noticed he could hardly turn around in his 20-gallon tank, we transferred Big Fishy to an 80-gallon mansion ($$$). As you will see in later posts, we added landscape attractions to the tank.

Here is Big Fishy enjoying his new space shortly after the Director of Output plopped him in.

Big Fishy in new 80 gallon tank

Check for posts on this page to see the interaction between Big Fishy and the cats at the Institute. Recently, we learned that goldfish can live 40 years ($$$), so we should  put him as well as the Institute’s cats in our will.