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Are some tongues a tad too long?

The Director of Output at the Institute held the hypothesis that some kitties have tongues so long they tend to peek out now and then. To test the hypothesis, the directors recorded for a week which of the six study subjects at the Institute might have an excessively long tongue.

Result:  Three out of six study subjects displayed a tongue that slipped out which indicated that the tongue was too long for the mouth to contain at all times. This is scientific proof that 50% of all kitty cats have tongues too long for their mouths. The hypothesis is now a theory and is documented in the following photos.

Socks on High Pink Tongue Tongue_ Ruby Velvet tongue while Christine massages

Death of the Papertowel

This week a fresh, plump roll of paper towels was brutally slain at the Institute. I was shocked to see the shredded remains in the cabinet space under the sink.  The holder behind the cabinet door held only the cardboard skeleton under a thin layer of shredded paper.

Conclusion:  One must not assume that adult cats have grown beyond the stage where they will no longer shred paper products.  I have a feeling that more than one of our two-year-old kitties was involved in this deed. I don’t think just one kitty could shred a whole new roll of paper towels into such remarkably tiny pieces. I dug out bits of paper from the far corners of the cupboard.  Mercy me, must get some child-proof locks.