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Trouble with Interpersonal Relationships

At the Institute the directors have noticed there is a pecking order. The subjects sometimes have trouble with their interpersonal relationships. Velvet is at the top of the pecking order and often instigates fusses with all the subjects of the Institute, even with her play buddy Socks. Zippy is next in the pecking order in that she often chases Rebecca and Citikitty, but she never gets into a real cat fight any subjects.

Fuss 1
Trouble brewing in the hallway as Velvet paws at Socks.

Poor Citikitty, the youngest at the Institute and the lowest on the pecking order, has mapped out hidey holes where she can get away from bully Velvet and irritant Zippy.

Citikitty hiding from her nemesis, Velvet.





End of the Grooming Session


This morning in the Institute office, I noticed Socks giving Velvet a thorough grooming starting at her neck and proceeding across her back. Lick, lick, chew, lick.


I knew how this heavy grooming session would end, so I grabbed the camera.


Sure enough, Velvet soon indicated that she had had enough and gave Socks a swipe.


A boxing match ensued as Zippy watched.

A minute later all three study subjects resumed their office-break nap.

Zippy in Thought

The Directors of the Institute for Kitty Cat Research have observed that the study subject named Zippy (aka The Zipper and Zip) is a deep thinker. For instance, in this photo she is thinking about whether to pounce on Citikitty or to pounce on Socks, both of whom were napping within striking distance. Does she want to start a fight or a chase this morning?  Should she jump on Socks who likes a good wrestle or on Citikitty who will flee up the stairs and into the walk-in closet?

Zippy in deep thought.
Zippy in deep thought.

Zippy pondered the pros and cons for at least thirty seconds. Immediately after this photo was taken, she decided that a rousing fuss would be a good start for her day. She made a flying leap onto Socks’ sleeping form and a hissing tussle took place with paws swinging. In a flash, Socks and Citikitty ran up the stairs with Zippy in pursuit. It seems The Zipper’s strategic thoughts paid off and she got to enjoy both of her favorite forms of entertainment.