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The Toilet Paper Roll: A Favorite Toy


L'Art du Chat
L’Art du Chat


Here at the Institute for Kitty Cat Research we have had a number of research breakthroughs. One occurred when we discovered that it is not just kittens who love the roll of toilet paper in the downstairs powder room. Seventeen-year-old kitty cats have proven that they can also wind the maypole.

We are eco-minded. It is a shame to waste tissue that has simply been wound around furniture legs. So, we often rewrap salvageable tissue and place it in our master bath. We have tried putting tissue in nearby drawers in the powder room, however we have discovered that kitties open drawers and cabinet doors. Also, there is the problem of remembering to tell a guest ahead of time where the toilet paper is hidden. Ah, the awkwardness of it all. We keep the door closed but if a guest forgets to reclose it,  the next guest gets to deal with the destruction.

Observational results:  Kitty cats, old and young, love that toilet paper!