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Testing the sniffer

Socks is one of the five study subject at the Institute For Kitty Cat Research. He is the first to come running when a can of salmon is opened, so we assume he has a good sniffer.  We wondered how good his sniffer really was, so we set up this experiment.

Socks was taking his mid-afternoon nap. We set a ruler in front of his nose without waking him. We put a nugget of his favorite treat at the 12-inch mark and gradually nudged it up until he woke up with a twitch of his nose. Six inches compared to four inches conducted with two of his siblings.

Results:  Socks has a better sense of smell compared to some other cats.  We are wiser kitty cat servants with this knowledge.

SocksAtInstitute_Linda Miles


Isn’t Socks a magnificent kitty cat?! Just look at the intelligence in his visage.