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Trouble with Interpersonal Relationships

At the Institute the directors have noticed there is a pecking order. The subjects sometimes have trouble with their interpersonal relationships. Velvet is at the top of the pecking order and often instigates fusses with all the subjects of the Institute, even with her play buddy Socks. Zippy is next in the pecking order in that she often chases Rebecca and Citikitty, but she never gets into a real cat fight any subjects.

Fuss 1
Trouble brewing in the hallway as Velvet paws at Socks.

Poor Citikitty, the youngest at the Institute and the lowest on the pecking order, has mapped out hidey holes where she can get away from bully Velvet and irritant Zippy.

Citikitty hiding from her nemesis, Velvet.





Are some tongues a tad too long?

The Director of Output at the Institute held the hypothesis that some kitties have tongues so long they tend to peek out now and then. To test the hypothesis, the directors recorded for a week which of the six study subjects at the Institute might have an excessively long tongue.

Result:  Three out of six study subjects displayed a tongue that slipped out which indicated that the tongue was too long for the mouth to contain at all times. This is scientific proof that 50% of all kitty cats have tongues too long for their mouths. The hypothesis is now a theory and is documented in the following photos.

Socks on High Pink Tongue Tongue_ Ruby Velvet tongue while Christine massages

Getting back to work

Ah, the Director of Input and the Director of Output went to France in September and left the six study subjects and Big Fishy with their wonderful cat whisperer Chris who sent us photos from time to time during our absence. But upon returning, the directors and their study subjects went back to work.

Socks welcomes me back to the office.
Socks welcomes me back to the office.
Zippy hard at work
Zippy hard at work


Socks amd Zippy Monitoring
Socks amd Zippy Monitoring

End of the Grooming Session


This morning in the Institute office, I noticed Socks giving Velvet a thorough grooming starting at her neck and proceeding across her back. Lick, lick, chew, lick.


I knew how this heavy grooming session would end, so I grabbed the camera.


Sure enough, Velvet soon indicated that she had had enough and gave Socks a swipe.


A boxing match ensued as Zippy watched.

A minute later all three study subjects resumed their office-break nap.

Testing the sniffer

Socks is one of the five study subject at the Institute For Kitty Cat Research. He is the first to come running when a can of salmon is opened, so we assume he has a good sniffer.  We wondered how good his sniffer really was, so we set up this experiment.

Socks was taking his mid-afternoon nap. We set a ruler in front of his nose without waking him. We put a nugget of his favorite treat at the 12-inch mark and gradually nudged it up until he woke up with a twitch of his nose. Six inches compared to four inches conducted with two of his siblings.

Results:  Socks has a better sense of smell compared to some other cats.  We are wiser kitty cat servants with this knowledge.

SocksAtInstitute_Linda Miles


Isn’t Socks a magnificent kitty cat?! Just look at the intelligence in his visage.